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INTEGRA Engineering India Limited (IEIL) is a subsidiary of INTEGRA Holding AG, Switzerland.

Integra Holding AG is a Swiss financial holding company with shareholdings in markets across the world.

Integra Engineering India Limited (IEIL) provides a versatile solution for modern hi-tech industrial applications. We are robust, compact & flexible in our work and our product ranges offer utmost safety.

Integra Engineering India Limited (IEIL) takes great pride and interest in offering a variety of engineering solutions. Our unit-I has expertise in sheet metal fabrication work as well as machining & surface treatment. We cater to the power sector and transport sectors with products such as Power Converters, Traction Converters, Auxiliary Converters, Hotel load converters, VCU, ECC, TCC etc where final application is locomotive engines for Indian Railways. Our unit-II is veteran supplier of Relays to Indian Railways. With Unit-III we have introduced our own product (I-Panel) which are Standard and customised industrial enclosures for power, automation, dairy, telecom, food & pharma etc.

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Our enclosures are a class apart and we are one of the best enclosure manufacturers in India

IPanel is a panel enclosure and the outcome of deligent designing and development by Integra’s well-versed team. It has been made available in a wide range of sizes with a number of applications. Industries from the electrical, instrumentation, automation, telecommunication and many more sectors get largely benefited by using IPanel. We, as one of the best enclosure manufacturer in India, meet the relevant standards of quality, performance, safety, and environment.

The design offers both, flexibility as well as modularity in mounting and assembly. All our products are certified and tested to meet the industry standards. We are reputed control panel manufacturer.

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  • 29 Jun, 2020
  • Notification of commencement of operations
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  • 16 Jun, 2020
  • Horizontal Milling machine for sale
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  • 16 Apr, 2020
  • Notification of closure of our Offices and Plant operations due to Covid-19
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