Railway Control System

Pre-Wired Groups

INTEGRA also manufactures the following types of Pre Wired - Groups.

  • 2 Aspect LED Signal Group
  • 3 Aspect LED Signal Group
  • 4 Aspect LED Signal Group
  • Auto Signal Block Proving and Release Group
  • Shunt Signal LED Group
  • Route Group
  • Point Group
  • PI Point Group
  • RRI Point Chain Group

Salient Feature of TM Type Pre-wired Groups

  • Each Type of Group is a logical circuit's combination of various Relays plugged in Pre-wired Base Plate of different size.
  • All Relays used in Pre-wired Groups are approved by RDSO (Research Development Standards Organisation).
  • In case of any failure noted in relay where group need not required to be replaced, that relay needs to be replaced.
  • Restoration of system is quick after fault localization.
  • Cost effective due to reduced inventory of spares.